The Red Booth is a positive, truly unscripted, Vintage/Retro PINUP style TV Show/Talk Show (the only one of it’s kind) with a focus on the Music and Film, Arts & Entertainment.  Created, produced and hosted by Kimberly Quigley aka Kimberly Q.

The show has been on broadcast TV for 5 years and is now airing on national cable network YouToo America, now reaching 45,000,000 households weekly.  As well as having seasons on Amazon Prime, streaming on Roku and with an extensive archive on Youtube. On air cable broadcast has been it’s focus, with a long standing time slot of  midnight every saturday night. The show has featured academy award nominees and grammy winners alike but is also known for giving a great platform for up and coming talent. The show has become a trusted safe and positive place to get to know artists.

Some of our notable guests so far: 

  • Malcolm McDowell - The Clockwork Orange and many more
  • Lou Ferrigno Jr. - New series S.W.A.T. Teen Wolf & Super Sammy on Nick
  • Angelo Moore - lead singer and creator of Fishbone
  • Camilla Cleese - Comic daughter of John Cleese, Monty Python
  • Lt Hutton - Death Row Producer, Producer of new Tupac movie "All Eyez on Me"
  • David Morse - The Green Mile, The Hurt Locker, Contact, Outsiders
  • Timbaland - Award winning musician and Producer
  • Jake Busey - Ray Donovan, Starship Troopers, The Frighteners
  • Ethan Suplee - American History X, Deepwater Horizon
  • Anna Camp - True Blood, Mad Men, The Good Wife, Good Girls Revolt
  • Hal Ozsan - Jessica Jones, The Blacklist, White Collar
  • Kenny Johnson - Sons of Anarchy, The Shield, Bates Motel
  • Paul Adelstein - Prison Break, Private Practice
  • Basil Hoffman  - many academy award winning films
  • Katheryn Winnick - Leading role in Vikings TV Show
  • Toby Stephens - Capt Flint of Black Sails
  • Tj Scott - Director GOTHAM, Longmire, Orphan Black
  • Dave Yaden - 4 time Grammy winning song-writer
  • Orson Scott Card - Author of the renowned Ender’s Game series.
  • Robert Patrick - also known as the T1000, stars currently in Scorpion.
  • Amanda Righetti - The Mentalist, Colony
  • Neil Brown Jr. - Fast & Furious series, DJ Yella Oscar nominated “Straight Outta Compton”.
  • Richard Armitage - The Hobbit series, Oceans 8, The Crucible,
  • Estella Warren - Planet of The Apes, Chanel model
  • Kate Quigley - Undercover, Playboy TV and Date Fails
  • Anthony C. Ferrantes - the Creator “Sharknado” series
  • Seth Binzer, Bret Mazur - Crazy Town
  • DH Peligro - from the Dead Kennedys and The Red Hot Chili Peppers.
  • Alex Russell - SWAT on CBS, Star “Chronicle”, Angelina Jolie directed film, “Unbroken”.
  • Jessie Usher - Independence Day: Resurgence, Survivors Remorse
  • Adrienne Wilkinson - Captain on Star Trek: Renegades - Xena Warrior Princess - Charmed
  • Joey Briggs - The Briggs (punk band)
  • Ken Yasuda - Mr. Japan Champion Bodybuilder and UFC trainer
  • John Lewis - MMA Champion
  • Daniel "Booby" Gibson - Former Cavaliers NBA Player
  • Nick Ferguson - Former Bronco's NFL Player now Sportscaster
Always positive, uplifting, friendly and non gossip oriented, it’s a truly unscripted interview show. Getting guests to open up about how they got started, their latest projects and advice for others looking to do what they do.

The show includes in studio interviews that are set in a giant 50’s diner booth surrounded by American memorabilia and signage, in a man cave like setting, as well as red carpet interviews and more. Hostess and creator, Kimberly Q is dressed in retro/vintage clothing throughout every episode. Sponsored by the top vintage clothing company Pinup Girl Clothing.

The show continues to gain notoriety for it’s growing A list guests while also having interesting up and coming bands from the LA music scene and rising actors.