The Rare Occasions rocks the house on The Red Booth. The Rare Occasions have been making their mark on indie music since 2012. Their first EP “Applefork” dropped in 2013, their second EP “Feelers” hit in 2014, and a third “Futureproof” released in 2016. Now the group has unleashed their first full length album “Into The Shallows” which debuted May 25, 2018. Now on tour, the future looks ever bright for the four member indie outfit, headed by lead singer Brian McLaughlin, drummer Luke Imbusch, lead guitarist Peter Stone, and bassist Jeremy Cohen. The Rare Occasions take a seat in THE RED BOOTH where they speak about their many accomplishments in the music industry as well as their upcoming tour dates which include: Las Vegas, NV (June 9), Omaha, NE (June 13), Columbus, OH (June 15), and Washington DC (June 24).