For this 4th of July weekend we did our patriotic duty to discuss some very important topics with Mr. John Redman, Director of Demand Reduction for California's High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA). The laws of our state effect everyone and I chat with him about drug policy, alcohol and tobacco abuse and the big topic of legalizing Marjuana in California. A very interesting and important issue for many people young and old. Laws that pass here in California often have a ripple effect across the country as well. Hear as John Redman discusses things from the broader perspective, and what he has seen in his work to reduce the drug trafficking situations here in CA. The Red Booth Show is a broadcast TV show that airs every Saturday night at midnight. We also upload after airing for online archives. This episode aired at midnight ,on 7/2/2016. But this online version includes an additional 15 minutes at the end as we went into overtime.