On this episode of The Red Booth Show we have a very heartwarming story that started with our guest Cristal Munoz-Logothetis. You may have already seen her on Upworthy, The Today Show or featured on the cover of People for her amazing humanitarian efforts. From a normal life just 3 months ago to now, you will not believe what she has accomplished with her army of volunteers. Cristal started a movement called Carry The Future which has already helped to put 7000 baby carriers on Syrian refugee families fleeing from Syria. Did you know 40% of them are children and their estimated travel is 1000 miles on foot? Plus the treacherous sea journey to get to safety? Hear more about her efforts and the situation there in this intriguing and inspiring story. If you ever doubted the good nature of the human spirit, then this is something you need to watch, on this very special Christmas weekend. Please enjoy the show and enjoy the holiday with your loved ones. Merry Christmas from The Red Booth Show.