Chris Lind and Kimberly talk music and even plays a couple tracks live on set this weekend on THE RED BOOTH. Chris comes from a background rich with knowledge of rock and jazz. He's also an expert on the Hawaiian slack key guitar, he spent a year in Hawaii studying the instrument to perfect his skills. Chris Lind's hypnotic string strumming and melodic vocals has landed him gigs all over the country, making live appearances regularly in New York, California, and Hawaii. Over the last few years he has released two albums: HOME in 2012, and THE STAY EP in 2016. Both are available online, and can be checked out here: About THE RED BOOTH: THE RED BOOTH is a nationally broadcast talk show that airs every Saturday night on Youtoo America via Charter, Time Warner Cable, Comcast, NKTELCO and more. The show can also be streamed via Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Prime, SkyStream, and YouTube. Created and produced by pinup style host Kimberly Quigley. She interviews entertainment industry professionals such as actors, directors, singers, musicians and more. With over 200 episodes to its credit and a fun Vintage Americana flair, it's a peek into the stories of many well-known and up and coming talents in Film, TV, Music and more.