Independent writer/director Adam Sigal takes some time this Saturday night to sit in The Red Booth with pinup style hostess Kimberly Q. THE RED BOOTH is a nationally broadcast talk show that airs every Saturday night on You Too America, and can also be streamed on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Prime, and YouTube. Traversing the indie film scene for over a decade, Adam Sigal hit the industry as the screenwriter for the 2007 psychological thriller DAYDREAMER, starring a young Aaron Paul (of Breaking Bad fame). After working as a private investigator in LA for fifteen years to fund his next project, Sigal tried his hand at directing with the character driven fantasy dramedy WHEN THE STARLIGHT ENDS which stars Sam Heughan (OUTLANDER) as a struggling writer forced to choose between the love of his life and his love for the written word. The film was released in April of 2018, and is now available to stream to all subscribers via Amazon Prime. Once WHEN THE STARLIGHT ENDS wrapped, Sigal ventured into crowdfunding for his latest film, SARGASSO, a gritty crime drama co-starring Tom Berenger and Richard Portnow. The film is based on Sigal's experiences as a PI, and is set for a late 2018 release, so keep an eye out for this thriller.