You've heard of garage bands? Well this is a garage TV Show!! We continue to shoot out of my garage in Van Nuys... Well, it's interesting trying to run a weekly TV show and Youtube series all independent. It's lots of fun and also a big challenge. Now that we have our first season shot, with a total 17 episodes, we are heavy into post production, air-times and promotion. I'm working on our Twitter page, it hasn't been getting too much love so I hope to grow that some more in the coming months. Also the FB page for the show has been one of the MOST used platforms to promote the show so far. So there is a lot there that isn't even on this website, but I am working on utilizing the website more and more. I will start blogging more, not only about the upcoming shows but also about what it's like to produce the show and more. I want to talk about it? Weird right? Me wanting to talk... Hahaaa Anyway please follow the show in all it's social media and blogging glory so you can stay informed and even help us promote it! My biggest challenge is letting people know about  the show so they can watch it. If you have Facebook you should definitely follow the show page by "liking" it and also follow the official show Twitter @theredboothshow.  This will help because if you are a fan of the show, then you can share our posts and retweet our tweets and let your friends know! The show's entire first season was done without any funding and continues to be done in post without funding. It has been a real accomplishment to say the least, but in order to really keep it growing the show is looking for sponsors.  I have also added a new page here so that anyone can help support the show. Its called "Support the Show?" and you can see it on the navigation of this website. Pretty simple! At first I was very reluctant to ask for "hand outs" and even embarrassed that the show was not already funded. I tried a crowd funding page after much pushing from friends, early this year but let it quietly run out of time without promoting it. Silly I know. But in truth the fact that the show has had no funding, is quite amazing. It is something I am very proud of because we were able to get all of this done already. Imagine what we can do with support!? There is so much more I want to be able to do with the show. Promoting artists and people who go after their goals, is a great thing and if you so feel the desire you can donate. The money will be used to pay the crew (long overdue) and cover post production, cover equipment costs, buy food for the set, promote the show and so much more. If you think you might know of a cool company that is looking to get some promotion on TV, we are always looking for more official sponsors! We will gladly give a commission to anyone who helps us to solidly sign up a steady sponsor for the show. The new season of The Red Booth guests is going to be amazing. Watching the rest of the first season play out over the next few months will be a lot of fun. We are happy to have you along for the ride.