We copied this utterly fantastic review by Chadwick Clevenger about our little show after answering a few questions for him.... Kimberlyhostpinup title card for Facebook SAVVY LA PRODUCER USES FACEBOOK TO LAUNCH CREATIVE, CLEVERLY SINCERE VARIETY SERIES By Chadwick Clevenger "THE RED BOOTH" series is as dangerously refreshing, defying and daring as Kimberly Quigley, the flaming red-hot series host who is also the show's creator and Executive Producer, and who's Q&A style interviews are as smooth and genuine as the "devil-red" leather booth that comprises the 50's pin-up-throw-back style of the show, currently filmed in Quigley's Van Nuys garage, perfectly disarming, charming and provocative as a creative platform for the emerging and award-winning artists she hosts which includes a growing list of musicians, filmmakers, actors, athletes and even artist-skateboarders such as Dave Tourje of recently acclaimed "LA Aboriginal", produced by Dolce Films, also among the featured guests of "THE RED BOOTH". BREAKTHROUGH The ball, or booth rather, seems to be rolling forward for Quigley who is turning heads in the competitive LA, sub-studio and independent production market-place. After only one webcast of "THE RED BOOTH" the show was picked up by a local TV distribution company [Cineplex Entertainment] and offered a respectable intro time slot of 2am on a 9 month contract pending the production and furnishing of more episodes by DRUID PICTURES, Quigley's edgy, any and all-hands Production Company behind the scenes of "THE RED BOOTH". SOCIAL MEDIA SUCCESS "I started personally contacting everyone on my (FB) friends list to tell them about the show." says Quigley, "One of them was a friend of mine who referred me to the TV distribution company because she thought they might like the show. They did!" HARD-WORK AND LEADERSHIP With 5 episodes already in the bag, this demand for content fanned the flames for taping a clever, progressive entire first season of "THE RED BOOTH" with the tenacity of a professional-level production schedule and crew, but you don't have to ask twice or repeat yourself with Owner/Producer/Host Quigley, a can-do, seasoned Hollywood player who's soft-looks, strong heart and toughness are comparable to any Marvel-worthy heroine, and what it takes these days to get professional-caliber people and guests to show up to your garage and get a reel, a dialogue, an episode and a series rolling! "it's an amazing foot into the door to get onto TV, and starting at a 2am, Saturday-night time slot is also part of it. But we hope to get better and better timeslots and more channels too eventually." said Quigley, who, like the best producers and leaders in any organization makes it look easy but under the surface, she admits: "Well I do basically manage taking care of my twins and am a single mom and I plan everything as best I can and have been doing it myself for most of the time, but have started to get a team going to help me recently. For the first many shows I had to arrange everyone and everything myself. Since then we've joined up with One Push Entertainment who is helping co-produce as well." "...the biggest thing I find is that this is a labor of love...But basically setting the shoot dates, confirming the people and making sure you have as much covered as you can is what it took. And I also always try to feed everyone on set which I think is the least I can do to make everyone happy while they work on my show." THE GIST Post-season blog excerpt: "So much can be done and is possible in the Entertainment Capitol of the world. This show is a good pit stop for locals wanting to hear from others who are making it and how they are doing it. What is it like in their shoes; hear about their next projects, future plans and maybe some personal stories and silly jokes you’d never expect. This show is great fun for audiences outside of LA too who want to see something more personal and real from this crazy wonderful town." ~https://www.theredbooth.com/the-season-1-the-red-booth/ NEXT Reality, one hopes, will catch up with necessity and imagination and Druid Pictures is poised to grow into the next stage and churn out the next season's worth of episodes, provided financing continues, and so far The Universe and Druid Pictures seem to have each other's backs. Quigley has big plans for "THE RED BOOTH" engaging and featuring must-know elements of the LA scene and community as well as aspirations of hosting the biggest names around. FANTASY EPISODES When asked what personalities she dreams of hosting on THE RED BOOTH, Quigley's response: "Honestly...there's so many people I would love to interview I don't even want to list a few. But Id like to interview tons of musicians who inspired me in the 90's and then there’s people like Stephen King and Gary Oldman I would probably want to interview, da Vinci or Beethoven if I could go back in time, Meryl Streep is amazing and Sandra bullock is a producer too." OFFICIAL LINKS SERIES BLOG: https://www.theredbooth.com/the-season-1-the-red-booth/ IMDB: http://m.imdb.com/title/tt3226424/?ref_=ttfc_fc_tt TWITTER: @TheRedBoothShow Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theRedBoothShow YouTube: www.youtube.com/theredbooth Web: www.theredbooth.com