Exciting news about one of our guests from April!  Amanda Reed,  has been very busy with her career, appearing in the hit show, New Girl for their upcoming Christmas episode. Here's what she had to say...

"Oh man, this year has been a whirlwind of different shows and characters! The most recent is "New Girl"! Up at 3:30am with a call time at 6:15am at Ontario Airport. But after that it was going head to head with Damon Wayans Jr. (He plays " Coach") in the Christmas episode. He was a super chill guy until you hear the director shout "Action"! Then the resemblance to his father can be seen, riffing improv and bringing the scene to life! Our scene was a little physical and with 30 or so background actors, so we ended on a breathless note and we were done! Everyone was great to work with!"

But that's not all, a lot more has happened with her success since her appearance on the show! She's been on hit show after hit show... Here's more from Amanda:

Earlier this year I was honored to work on "The Mentalist" with Simon Baker and the Showtime show "Shameless", where I threw my first slap on camera! Hitting the lead of the show, Emmy Rossum, while Dermot Mulroney watched was an experience! That episode will air next January. My life is anything but the same and predictable but that's what I like about it!

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If you didn't get to see Amanda's interview on The Red Booth, you can check it out here... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1cpOgfM-Bc