We love keeping tabs on our guests successes and this is one that can't be left unmentioned!

You may already know this gorgeous Aussie bloke, who joined us in the booth last year, Mr. Alex Russell?  Well the movie has finally arrived for us all to enjoy! Alex, stepped out in style with his many co-stars and the amazing Angelina Jolie, for the much awaited premiere of the WWII prisoner of war film, "Unbroken", at the State Theater in Sydney.
Alex plays the role of Pete Zamperini in the film, the older brother of the main character  We talked about what it was like working on this film in our interview, just after "Carrie" had been released last year (where he played that bad guy boyfriend)... and "Unbroken" was going into post production. What an adventure it was! So exciting to see the film now out and making a huge splash.
Alex's recent short film and directorial debut "Love and Dating in LA" has also been getting festival play and accolades. Alex's new feature in development, "Son's of Salt" a crime story from Australians in Film member David O'Donnell, of which they are both to star , was granted support by the Screen Australia (Australian Film Commission). Going back to hear the interview it's fun to see all of this coming to fruition and of course we are very excited for Alex's future, as we are sure his career will only continue to grow exponentially! Congratulations to Alex Russell, Angelina Jolie, Legendary, Universal and all of the cast and crew of "Unbroken"!
By the way, if you didn't get a chance to see our interview, here it is! http://youtu.be/ZlqTJ1qi2OA 
Picture credit: Richard Dobson.