Landy Shores     Landy Shores, guitarist for a 1977 legendary music group for it's time called "RAMP" (and only LA area resident from the band) will be joining us on The Red Booth for Season 2! Songs from his album with RAMP have been cover by Erika Badu, Mary J. Blige, Jada Pinkett Smith, A Tribe Called Quest and many more. Landy's funky style and musical skills have lived on for decades since and he continues to create quality music for other people as well as for his own new and recent work (which you will hear all about). Learn some very interesting facts about the underbelly of record deals and what it can mean for the artists themselves. What it was like being at the top of the music scene in the 70's and what musicians should know, take it from experience. Meet Landy Shores, a very down to earth, sweet and talented musician, living in Downtown LA and still recording great music.