Who is The Red Booth and what is it?

Classic pinup style TV show hosted and created by Kimberly Quigley. Independently produced, friendly and fun. This interview and variety show features up-and-coming and well known arts and culture guests, chatting in her very own diner booth... As well as covering festivals, new movies and upcoming concerts.

Tune in to The Red Booth show every Saturday night at midnight via your local cable provider.

History and more about:

The Red Booth as created by Kimberly Quigley in her garage in 2013 in Los Angeles and started by featuring local bands and talent. It was quickly picked up on local TV in LA and has continued to grow ever since. Adding Las Vegas TV and then Miami and now on a national network, Youtoo America as well as on major streaming platforms like YouTube, Amazon Prime and Roku. The Red Booth is independently produced/directed by the host and creator Kimberly Quigley who sits with her guests from a variety of fields in the entertainment industry. The show is set in an actual diner booth that was salvaged from a 50’s diner and wearing vintage americana inspired outfits to match. The show has featured many A list guests and up-and-coming actors and musicians. Including Emmy Award, Grammy Award winning and Oscar Nominated guests, young and old. From recent guests like stand-up comic Camilla Cleese, to Malcolm McDowell. Actors from hit TV shows going back to the 60’s to today’s up and coming stars of Disney shows. Award winning writers like Orson Scott Card to Grammy winning song songwriters, like Dave Yaden. Kimberly Quigley has been producing this show for 5 years and has discovered many talent that went on to star in popular film and television as well as bands that went on to go on tour and even get signed, while also featuring well known big acts. Kimberly loves bringing you the real people of the entertainment industry, artists, dreamers and go getters so you can to know them and their stories. Hopefully it will help inspire you as well. Completely unscripted for real, this show is a special jem of a story in itself as it has continued to grow on it’s own and gain so much street cred amongst the talent in Los Angeles, both in music and film. Kimberly Quigley also known as Kimberly Q on the show, has branded herself as a positive and supportive platforms where guests can feel at home. The tagline Diner Booth Diaries can be found across social media and with nearly 200 episodes aired, it’s definitely a fun look into the history of many well known stars of today who once graced her booth.

Kimberly Q supports the arts and more via charity

Kimberly Q also supports humanitarian programs in the community:

  • The Toys for Tots Literacy program which gets books into the hands of underprivileged children to help them discover the joy of reading.
  • The Writers of the Future Contest which helps brand new authors get discovered. Hundreds of talented authors got their start there—check out their new book releases over the last year.https://www.writersofthefuture.com/brand-new-science-fiction/
  • Various charities at the Hollywood Christmas parade, helping to bring the joy of Christmas to many struggling families in southern California.
Also creates and produces the annual Charity Pinup Calendar which goes to help several causes like drug and alcohol rehab, rape and hum trafficking abuse, homelessness and vets. Check out our shop to purchase your copy for this year's edition.